How to Use a Vape Pen

If you’ve just purchased your first vape pen, chances are you can’t wait to get started. To help you get the most out of your vaping experience, we’ve put together a complete informational guide.

Get to Know Your Vape Pen Parts 

Before we start, let’s get familiar with the vape pen parts. These components work together to provide the best vape experience. They include:

  • Chamber or pod – the vaping products such as cannabis oil are enclosed in the vape cartridge. These can be refillable or all-in-one.
  • Atomizer – the heating element, or atomizer, heats up to convert the oil into vapor.
  • Vape pen battery – the battery provides energy and is usually a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Vape battery charger – the charger for most batteries will be a USB port.
  • Mouthpiece – the tip through which you vape.
  • Buttons – the button (or buttons) that you press to activate the pen. However, buttonless vapes are becoming more popular, as you can activate them just by drawing the vapor from the pen.

NOTE: Kurvana Buttonless Batteries are not compatible with “top airflow” cartridges offered by other manufacturers.

Five-Step Guide: How to Use a Vape Pen

  1. Remove from packaging and any plastics protecting the mouthpiece.
  2. Hold the vape pen with the mouthpiece facing you.
  3. Press and hold the button (if you have a buttonless vape, skip this step).
  4. Start inhaling. Inhale for 3-4 seconds.
  5. Exhale and repeat until the desired effect is achieved.

Let’s look at those five steps in a little more detail.

Remove the pen from its packaging

Most devices come with a silicone covering, which should be removed prior to using the vape pen. Also, check for any packaging that may be on the mouthpiece and remove them.

Hold the vape pen with the mouthpiece facing you

Every vape pen has a mouthpiece perfectly designed to fit your mouth. The mouthpiece is where you inhale the vapor.  

Press and hold the button

For vapes with buttons, simply press and hold the button to activate the vape battery. For buttonless vape pens, you can skip this step. Simply inhale through the mouthpiece to activate the vape pen. 

Inhale for 3-4 seconds

When you first start vaping, it is best to inhale in small draws to avoid feeling overwhelmed. This will also help you get a better feel for the vape pen you are using. Exhale and repeat. 

Once you are satisfied with the amount of vapor in your draw, exhale through your mouth to release the vapor. Continue until the desired effect is achieved.

Kurvana oils are often felt instantly by most, but it may take some end users up to 15 minutes to feel the full effect of our oils. Therefore, we recommend waiting at least 15 minutes between draws. The length of inhalation will also impact the effect.

How to Fix Vape Pen Issues

A guide on how to use a vape pen wouldn’t be complete without tips on what to do when your vape pen isn’t working! Here’s our quick troubleshooting guide.

If the Cart Won’t Hit 

One of the most common issues you may come across when using a vape pen is that it suddenly stops producing vapor. If your cart won’t hit, battery cartridge connection issues might be the problem. Try these steps:

  1. Ensure the battery is fully charged and the cartridge or pod contains oil. If it has oil, check that your vape is not clogged. If your type of disposable weed pen vape is clogged, the easiest way to unclog your vape is to take small puffs until you feel vapor coming through the mouthpiece.
  2. Untwist the cartridge to inspect the cartridge/battery. Vape pens have o-rings that can deteriorate over time.
  3. Use a small pin or tool to slowly poke the cartridge or battery pin toward the external part of the device. Be sure not to overdo this step to avoid removing the positive pin from the battery device.
  4. Make sure the positive pin is elevated.
  5. Lightly twist the cartridge battery to connect it. Make sure not to overtighten the connection when you twist the vape into place.

If the vape pen is blinking 10 times

Some vape pen battery lights/colors will blink repeatedly if there is a problem. If your Kurvana vape pen battery light is blinking, it means one of three things:

  • The safety timer has been triggered
  • The battery is low
  • A faulty cartridge connection is detected

In these cases, the vape light will blink, but for your safety, the vape won’t work even if you press the fire button.

How to Dispose of Vape Cartridges and All-In-One Vape Pens 

Vapes contain chemicals that may be harmful to the environment in large amounts if not disposed of properly. This is true for all types of vape pens, including ones that are single-use. Ideally, even the best single-use vape pens should not be after use due to their chemical content. 

Here are easy steps to safely dispose of your vape pens:

  1. It is important to check the rules and guidelines set by your local environmental sectors or agencies about the proper disposal of THC vape pens and e-cigarettes.
  2. The device should be turned off and the battery removed prior to disposal or removal of the cartridge.
  3. The batteries or cartridges should be placed in a sealed container with a hazardous waste label.
  4. Once sealed, you can dispose of your vape pen at any local hazardous waste facility.


How do I choose a good vape pen?

The use of vape pens highlights convenience, so you should pick one that offers the variety and quality you’re looking for. There are many licensed cart brands you can choose from, and Kurvana’s CBD cartridge line and indica vape collection are inspiring places to start. Learn more about Choosing the Best Cannabis Carts.

Is troubleshooting the same for all vape pens?

While troubleshooting can vary depending on the specific model and brand, there are common issues that can occur, such as difficulty charging or problems with the battery. To ensure the best experience, it’s best to refer to the vape pen’s guide and check for any common solutions. Additionally, there are many online resources and forums where you can find solutions to specific problems with your vape pen.

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